The common belief that ‘it won’t happen to me’ often results in many people having a sound plan for wealth creation, but no adequate plan to protect the very thing that generates the wealth- themselves!

No matter how much expert advice you receive, there is always a risk that you could potentially suffer an early death or require an extended time off work through serious injury or illness. How this affects your ability to reach your lifestyle goals and objectives will depend on the wealth protection strategy you have in place.

Our knowledge and experience, means we can provide you with the most appropriate strategies and advice.

Life insurance:

In simple terms, you insure yourself for a particular amount, and in the unfortunate event that you die, the insurer pays that amount.

The lump sum payment can be used to help with areas such as the repayment of debts, the covering of future needs, for example, the cost of children's education or long term care, and providing funds for investment to generate an income, or to keep your business afloat.

Total and permanent disability insurance

TPD insurance will provide a lump sum payment should you suffer an illness/ injury which totally and permanently prevents you from working again.

Critical illness insurance

Critical illness or trauma insurance provides a lump sum benefit on diagnosis of a defined condition. This is designed to help you financially recover from a trauma or crisis such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or other life threatening conditions.

Income protection insurance

This is designed to provide a regular income in the event that you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. Generally, Income Protection Insurance provides a regular income during a period of disablement up to a pre-determined and agreed benefit period. The benefit amount payable is up to 75% of your income, and is usually fully Tax Deductible!!!